Student Testimonials

August, CfY Student

“It is nice to have a community outside of school and home. I specifically joined so I could become more outgoing, and the program has helped me to expand my abilities. I am now on the LeaderCorps, something that I would never have done as a freshman.”

Mireya, CfY Student

“Because of CfY, I feel like I can approach new people more easily and it even helped me get a job. I feel more comfortable talking to new people because I learned that people at CfY are very accepting and are very encouraging.”

Jalen’e, CfY Student

“CfY has made me a more outgoing and a more open person towards people I don’t know.”

Donnalynn, CfY Student

“My mentor is influencing my future and we’re going through experiences together, a relationship I never thought I would’ve had. We’re quite similar in our ways of thinking, but it helps me as a person and my future when she shares her knowledge or experiences about anything. From applying to college, the college life itself, jobs, budgeting, and so on. She also tries to set me up with connections for potential majors that I have interest in, to which I’m really grateful.”