Learning Communities

CfY’s most popular program, Learning Communities, is designed to step past traditional mentoring practices and offer a Critical Mentoring experience that centers the young person. CfY centers youth as collaborators because they deserve to have their voice heard, their value is seen and respected, and their leadership activated.

This program follows the Academic Year (October – June). At the start of the year, mentors are assigned to Learning Communities: one that meets on Tuesdays & one that meets on Wednesdays. These Learning Communities remain together for the duration of the year. Weekly activities rotate between a one-on-one activity with your student, a small group activity (Family Groups), a mentor-only workshop, and a student-mentor workshop.

CfY Duos

CfY Duos is a flexible and introductory program that provides the opportunity for mentors and Seattle high school students to build a mentoring relationship based on their own schedules! In CfY Duos, each match will commit to scheduling one-to-one sessions twice a month (2-4 hours) for 6 months.

The student and mentor match will be able to explore their shared interests and choose one of the following match goals: Career Exploration, Higher Education, High School Graduation, and Self Exploration and Identity.