Learn more about Community for Youth!

What does Community for Youth do?

Community for Youth (CfY) seeks to connect Seattle high school students with compatible mentors who can identify opportunities, help you navigate your next steps, and be a listening ear!

The CfY process is easy – submit your application, get paired with a mentor, and we’ll do the rest! CfY provides fun and engaging activities, workshops, and outings to help you and your mentor build your relationship, connect with other matches, and have conversations that are important to you.

What programs are offered by CfY?

CfY provides two different programs to serve different student needs: Learning Communities and CfY Duos.

CfY’s Learning Communities program follows the Academic Year (September – June), and focuses on long-term mentoring relationships. At the start of the year, mentors are assigned to Learning Communities: one that meets on Tuesdays & one that meets on Wednesdays. These Learning Communities remain together for the duration of the year. Weekly activities rotate between a one-on-one activity with your student, a small group activity (Family Groups), a mentor-only workshop, and a student-mentor workshop.

CfY Duos is a flexible program that allows mentors and students to build a mentoring relationship based on their own schedules. In CfY Duos, each match will commit to scheduling one-to-one sessions twice a month (2-4 hours) for 6 months.

The student and mentor match will be able to explore their shared interests and choose one of the following match goals: Career Exploration, Higher Education, High School Graduation, and Self Exploration & Identity.

Participants in both CfY Learning Communities and CfY Duos have access to all of the following resources offered by CfY:

  • Community Workshops offered monthly that help our students and mentors build confidence, determination, and self-awareness. 
  • Mentor Workshops offered monthly that provide additional resources and training for all mentors.
  • The Alchemy Project, which teaches students brainstorming, solution building, and presenting to groups on a topic the student group selects.
  • Access to YouScience to help students “instill hope, purpose, and direction by connecting natural talent, skills, and knowledge with in-demand education pathways and careers.”
  • Summer activities that provide fun, outdoor excursions to students, mentors, and families
  • External ticket opportunities when available to museums, sporting events, and other fun activities

Ready to apply?

*Be sure to select “CfY Duos” or “CfY Learning Communities” at the top of your application! Have questions about our programs? Contact Tally Teodosio at tally@communityforyouth.org.