CfY Duos

Community for Youth is now launching CfY Duos, a flexible and introductory program that provides the opportunity for mentors and students to build a mentoring relationship based on their own schedules! In CfY Duos, each match will commit to scheduling one-to-one sessions twice a month (2-4 hours) for 6 months.

The student and mentor match will be able to explore their shared interests and choose one of the following match goals:

Career Exploration

Focus on exploring the student’s career interests and understanding the path to achieve that career.

Higher Education

Focus on choosing the best higher education institution for the students and supporting them in the steps to get there.

High School Graduation

Focus on current high school academics and ensuring all high school requirements are met.

Self Exploration & Identity

Focus on the student’s overall wellbeing and provide support and advice based on the student’s current experiences.

CfY Duos will also have access to all traditional CfY program activities, including: 

  • Community Workshops offered monthly January thru May that help our students build confidence, determination, and self-awareness. 
  • Mentor Workshops offered monthly January thru May that provides additional resources and training for all mentors.
  • The Alchemy Project, which teaches students brainstorming, solution building, and presenting to groups on a topic the student group selects.
  • Summer activities that provide fun, outdoor excursions to students, mentors, and families
  • External ticket opportunities when available to museums, sporting events, and other fun activities

Please refer to the table below for differences between CfY Duos and our most popular program, Learning Communities.