Volunteer Appreciation Week: Thank You, CfY Mentors!

April 21-27 was Volunteer Appreciation Week, and we have SO MUCH appreciation to shower upon our beloved mentors who form the foundation of our organization.

Our mentors commit their time and energy to our program, and consistently bring their best selves to our Learning Community and their mentoring relationships. To celebrate, we asked four students, Janice, Tim, Aaron, and Nasenet, to share messages of appreciation and gratitude to their mentors. Check out their responses below!

Nasenet, a senior at Franklin High School, expressed her appreciation for her mentor, James, who she was matched with following Camp Launch Weekend in October of last year.

“He’s a very fun, outgoing person. He’s very real. He’s also somebody you can rely on…I feel very free to talk to him about anything. He’s the best friend you can have.”

Nasenet shared that James helps her feel more confident when connecting with others, and has helped her to be more outgoing.

Aaron, a junior at Franklin High School, has been matched with his mentor, Eric, for two years.

“My mentor is a wonderful person,” says Aaron. “Eric is such a smart person. I go to him often about college… I ask him about homework. He knows a lot about computer science. It’s very humbling when he helps me.”

Aaron thanked Eric for his caring nature and willingness to go above and beyond. “He’s always super caring, and always makes sure I get what I need.”

Tim, a junior at Franklin High School, thanked his mentor, Josh, for being a being knowledgeable and an all-around awesome individual.

“He’s funny. He’s a good listener. I can vibe with him- he’s a person I can talk to and hang out with.”

Tim is looking forward to continuing getting to know Josh through CfY programming!

Janice, a junior at Franklin High School, shared that her mentor, Chrystal, helps her lean into the joys of being young!

When asked to summarize her mentor in a few words, Janice said ““She’s amazing. She’s fantastic. Let’s say all of the above!”

Thank you, James, Eric, Josh, Chrystal, and all of our mentors for the ways that you support our students and build our community! We truly couldn’t do it without you.

Interested in becoming a mentor to a young person in your community. Enrollment for CfY programming is now closed, but re-opens in June 2024. Until then, there are many ways to get involved at CfY! Fill out our Mentor Interest Form to receive news, updates, and opportunities for involvement. Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission: to inspire and support students to be their best selves through mentoring, learning experiences, and a powerful community.

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