CfY to Pilot Career Connected Learning Mentorship Curriculum

As we search for ways to best serve the changing needs of our students, we are thrilled to be piloting our Career Connected Learning Mentorship curriculum to help students identify their post-high school goals and develop their plans to accomplish their goals. This effort is supported with funding from the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, as well as a generous grant from The Boeing Company. 

CfY is developing a curriculum that is aligned with Washington State’s High School and Beyond Plan, with the confidence that our mentors are perfectly positioned to support our students as they reflect and act upon these 3 main questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want to become?
  • How will I get there?

Enhancements to our programming will include The Alchemy Project,  which teaches students brainstorming, solutioning, and presenting to groups on a topic the student group selects. Additionally, our students and mentors will be using YouScience to help them “instill hope, purpose, and direction by connecting natural talent, skills, and knowledge with in-demand education pathways and careers.”

In support of our Career Connected Learning program, CfY is seeking:

  • 8 volunteers who are interested in serving on a Career Panel in January.
  • Individuals who are interested in advising The Alchemy Project.
  • Individuals who are interested in serving as mentors for the new year. 

If you are interested in serving on our Career Panel, please fill out and submit our CfY Career Panel Sign-Up Form.

If you are interested in advising The Alchemy Project, or in becoming a mentor, please contact CfY Program Manager Yleana Benitez at .

Mentorship has always been critical to the development of the next generation, but in a time of rapidly changing educational and social landscapes, the need is even greater. In the spirit of the new year, we are full of hope as we think about what lies ahead for our students, our mentors, our community, and our organization!