Match Spotlight: Hyun and Mireya

It doesn’t take long to see the strong bond that has formed between Hyun and Mireya who have been matched for 3 years as part of Community for Youth’s (CfY) mentoring program.  They demonstrate the deep connections and authentic relationships impacting both the students and adult mentors who participate in our unique mentoring model. 

Mireya, now a senior at Cleveland High School, heard about CfY from a friend who didn’t want to participate on her own.  Now, three years later, the relationships and experiences through CfY have had a profound impact on her life, “I have learned to get out of my comfort zone and talk to more people.  If I hadn’t become a part of CfY, I would probably still be in my shell.”

Now in her 6th year of mentoring, Hyun found CfY in her search for an opportunity to be more involved in her community.  The experience not only mentoring amazing young people, but also connecting with other incredible adult mentors has kept her involved with CfY over the years, “I have made so many strong friendships.  Being a mentor is a great opportunity to meet people outside of your normal social group and to branch out and expand your network.”

Both Hyun and Mireya have had a transformative impact on CfY through their commitment and involvement.  Mireya joined Leadercorps which has further helped her gain confidence, grow her natural leadership skills, and support other students offering them the same encouragement and helping hand that she received. 


One of the biggest takeaways for Hyun from her mentoring experience is seeing how students like Mireya, are willing to put themselves out there and take risks, “I watch how the students grow and as mentors we say to ourselves, the students are doing this, why aren’t we.  It’s really a reciprocal relationship and learning experience.”

Hyun proudly shared how Mireya landed her first job and an internship working with Seattle Public Utilities.  In fact, Mireya cultivated a strong connection with her supervisor which led to conversations about CfY and securing a sponsorship from Seattle Public Utilities to support the 2020 Aspire Gala!

Speaking of the Gala, both Mireya and Hyun couldn’t say more about this fun and celebratory night surrounded by friends and community.  Mireya is excited to emcee the evening for a second time with other CfY students. Now that she has one Gala under her belt, she is excited to together with Jalen’e, add more of their voice and personal flair to the program.

Hyun loves the Gala giving her a chance to “play dress-up”, a rare opportunity in Seattle. As a Gala Committee member, she has an insider view into the planning and knows that it will be another stellar event. Hyun and Mireya along with the entire CfY community invite you to join them for this evening of giving and community where together, “We get to celebrate CfY, highlight the amazing students in the program, and get people excited for this really great cause!”

Learn more about the 2020 Aspire Gala, purchase tickets, and help spread the word

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