Current Match Spotlight: Tiffany and Katherine

Tiffany and Katherine have been matched for the past 5 months. They bonded at Launch by talking, joking, playing games, and discussing life.

They have a lot in common such as food (especially ice cream), movies, TV shows, some music. They both enjoy the outdoors, especially the water. They also both enjoy art.

When asked what they admire about each other, Katherine answered that she admires that Tiffany is a working woman of color who is very independent. Tiffany admires that Katherine is really involved in school, like ASB, and managing projects like dances and other social events.

Throughout their 5 months together, they have learned a lot from and about one another. Katherine said that she learned that Tiffany has a dog and her dog is really well behaved, even though he can’t walk straight. She also learned that it’s a good thing to expand her horizons. Tiffany learned that Katherine is a strong leader and is very ambitious. She also learned that she is allergic to citrus and likes avocados.

Throughout their time together Katherine hopes to learn more about each other, life, and in general. And of course, to eat more good food throughout the Seattle area. Tiffany also hopes they can continue to explore more places in Seattle and learn more about each other.