Meet Our Community – Aisling Underwood

Aisling at LAUNCH

I got involved with CfY because I had been wanting to get involved in volunteer work and thought CfY sounded like a great way to give back and connect with a larger community. Being in a community with people of all ages and backgrounds has been a new and enriching experience for me. CfY has reminded me of how much we can learn from others when we step outside our insular communities and our comfort zones. Deciding to show up every week, even when you are tired or have other priorities you are juggling always proves to be worth it.

My favorite experience with CfY is the powerful acknowledgments that are given at the close of every year. It’s amazing to see the students receive sincere praise for their character and growth throughout the year. The change you see in the students from when they were first acknowledged at camp to their final acknowledgment of the year is remarkable. It’s very special to witness how much their confidence has grown and how supported they feel by their CfY community.

My mentee and I have similar senses of humor and we like to laugh. In terms of differences, I like to eat anything and everything and she is a pizza girl through and through. I’m hoping by the end of the year we will be game to try some different cuisines. My mentee is a very strong and thoughtful person. At 14 she faces adversity and life’s difficulties with a grace and maturity that I strive for at 30.

If I could describe my CfY experience in one word it would be enriching.