Meet the Family Group – CfY Beans Family

CfY Beans Family – Peter, Astrid, Deji, Stephanie, Mercedez, Tim, Linda, Isia, Tyler, Tianna, Demetreyonna, and Savion. Not pictured: Michael and Ben 

Peter shared,

Hanging out with the family group is my favorite part of CfY. It’s a fun way to hang out with Tyler, my mentee, but I really like getting to know the other mentors and mentees too. I think the family groups are what sets CfY apart. Having a group of mentors that work together as a team is really valuable and makes the experience better for everyone. Time spent with the family can also be the perfect opportunity for people to open up outside of the 1-on-1 and large group settings.

Our family group spent a night at family fun center (where the mentor team beat the mentee team in laser tag!) We’ve also had a birthday party/game night for Tyler’s birthday and had a craft night creating vision boards. Our family seems to really like playing games. Even the craft night became a bit of a game: picking out pictures for each other and debating who had the best celebrity on their vision board.

I really look forward to family nights, because I know the whole group will have fun. I think our family group is special because we are so diverse. The fact that we all come from different backgrounds is what makes it interesting.”