Current Match Spotlight: Peter and Tyler

Peter and Tyler

I was pumped I got matched with Tyler at Match Night. We’ve been matched for 6 months. We first bonded at Launch. We played a lot of games in the cabin together (our cabin was a lot of fun). Tyler taught me a card game similar to Uno, and I taught Tyler poker and Codenames. Tyler also beat me in basketball.

We have similar personalities, we’re both active and like sports, and most of all we share a similar sense of humor. We have different backgrounds and very different heights. Tyler insists we have different tastes in music, but I disagree.

Tyler has shown me some new music, some fresh, thoughtful perspectives, and even gave me some career advice. I’ve helped Tyler with interviewing tips at What’s Next, showed him how to solve a tricky geometry problem, and showed good sportsmanship when I beat Tyler in go-karts AND laser tag.