Current Match Spotlight: Rhonda and August

As a mentor and volunteer for over 15 years and a student for 4 years, Rhonda and August are familiar faces around Community for Youth. They met during a Launch weekend at Camp Colman as residents of the same cabin. Four years later, they are celebrating all they have learned from and about each other as they prepare to end their time with CfY. August will be graduating this year, and Rhonda will be taking a break from mentoring.

With so many years spent together, they have become close and admire many things about each other. August shared, “I like her type of humor, and that she’s kind enough to befriend just about anyone. That has made me envious more than once. On top of that, she’s dependable and has stayed in the program through thick and thin. She’s the best.” Rhonda shared, “Her joie de vivre!!!  August has the best laugh EVER and a wonderful, giving spirit. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say a negative word about another person. She is incredibly kind – unless you are playing her in a game of Spoons, then she is just plain wicked!”