Thank Your Mentor Day

Donnalyn and Carrie

Carrie has taught me how to maintain a positive and persistent attitude even through the ups and downs. Doing that is a motivator that can better help me through the days. She pushes me to do the best that I can when I’m telling myself otherwise. I tend to overthink, stress out, or shy away from some opportunities that I could’ve possibly done well in. She reminds me that I shouldn’t put myself in that position and that I should just go for it. From big or small hangouts, it’s all enjoyable memories that I look forward to creating more of. I also appreciate the conversations we have, it’s assuring to know that someone is listening and offering their insight. From the very start, I always liked the vibe around Carrie. When I first joined the program it made it so much easier when she would talk to me during camp with a smile on her face every time I saw her.

Harsh and Saumil

A mentor for me is someone I rely on for completely unbiased advice for almost everything, giving a compliment or a hard message to fix something, I expect my mentors to be completely direct with me. Saumil has been that person for over six years now. He always put his trust in me, took risks with me and always showed unwavering confidence in me. He was the one who without knowing me a lot, over a ten minutes phone call from across the world offered me a job at a completely new place teaching me a new set of skills. One of the most important things that he has taught me, “try and do the right thing every time, do not try to be the popular person in the room. Speak your mind out respectfully, take calculated risks, dream big!”

Hayley and Kendra

I first met my friend and mentor, Kendra, when I started working at Community for Youth as an AmeriCorps member. Kendra has taught me a lot about navigating the workplace as a woman and rejecting some of the stories we tell ourselves about our worth or our ability to succeed. Kendra inspires me with her confidence and honesty. Kendra has helped me develop my voice and stand up for what I deserve. I’ve also learned from Kendra the importance of having a loyal friend in your corner.

Astrid and Ruthie

Ruthie had a way of making me want to work harder. She didn’t ever let me get away with making excuses or doing the bare minimum as I had at so many jobs in the past. She was tough but she believed in me and that made me want to do my best. Because of her impact and mentorship, I applied myself enough to be promoted twice while I worked for her. I learned a lot about leadership and what sets apart a boss from a leader. I learned to never be afraid to admit you are wrong or don’t know something and to always ask questions. Although we no longer work together, I have taken her advice and guidance with me into my current role. Ruthie is one of the strongest women I know and someone I will always model myself after, in my professional and personal life. She is part of the reason I wanted to become a mentor with CFY – her impact on my life has been tremendous.

Janice and Alan

Alan helped me get my first real job and always taught me to help someone else when you’re in a position to do so.