Donor Testimony: Jenna Etzel

Jenna Etzel, Right at our 2017 Auction

I was introduced to CfY when my brother was involved as a mentor and he would share his experiences and how impactful the programs were.  I wanted to support that! I have continued to give beyond my brother’s time in the program because I have teenage children and I realize that the foundation and support that they get at this stage of their life will impact the trajectory of the rest of their lives.  The work that CFY does with children at a very important stage of development will positively impact and change them forever…which makes the world better.

When I talk about CfY to others I like to say that it’s a real way to help youth in OUR community and they will go on to be the leaders of future Seattle area businesses, classrooms, parents, artists, etc.  Why WOULDN’T we invest in them?

This cause matters to me because my brother and I did not grow up in a healthy environment and our family was designed to hinder growth.  CFY is giving people skills to set them up for success and that matters a lot.  People can do ANYTHING when they are supported, regardless of their background or experiences.