Meet the Family Group – Hyun Choi

Hyun’s Family Group

I feel that the Family Group component of CfY offers a deeper layer of relationships that can form within the community. It gives us as mentors an opportunity to get to know other students and mentors better. I think what makes CFY unique are the different layers of relationships that you build.

1. The one with mentor/student
2. The Family group
3. The CfY community

Each layer gives an opportunity to build relationships and the Family Group helps you to strengthen your relationship with your student as well as the opportunity to better know a select group of people in the community.

Fun Facts

Favorite activity/memory so far

1. First family group activity at Khalen’s – we had a potluck and played games to get to know each other better
2. Pictionary night – the group got heated, but it was a lot of fun
3. Boxing class
4. Family Fun Center
5. Boost

Five things you all have in common

1. Have a love/hate for Pictionary
2. We show up
3. Like food/enjoy eating as a family group
4. Outgoing group that gets along well
5. Competitive/aggressive

What have you learned from one another so far this year?

1. Patience
2. Music
3. Acceptance

Have there been any challenges that your Family Group has overcome?

1. Pictionary – got real competitive, but we still like each other in the end
2. Boost – many of the mentors couldn’t go…was a lot of juggling to figure out carpools, but ultimately, we pulled together as a team and made it all work out

What makes your Family Group special?

1. Everyone shows up
2. We have a lot of connections within the group
3. We like each other – a lot
4. We communicate – a lot
5. We like to have fun together