Meet Our Community with Alexus

Alexus at LAUNCH

I got involved with CfY through my friend Kaga, who has been doing CfY for 2 years now. He told me about how much fun it is and all the connections you end up making. Before CFY, I would have never interacted with a majority of the people from my school. Now I have friendships that will last a lifetime. Through my CfY experience, I have learned that communication is key, and most interactions and relationships will depend on it. I’m planning on becoming a nurse or a teacher, so being able to converse with my patients or students would be helpful.

I have a great relationship with my mentor, Sarah. She is very fun-loving and easy to talk to and I could tell her whatever I want without judgment. It’s refreshing to know an adult who treats you as an equal.

If I could describe my CfY experience in one word, it would be “Growth”.