Meet the Family Group – Tim Clark

Tim’s family group at Pike Place Market

I feel that the family group component of CfY creates the opportunity to make personal, deeper connections with a subset of the learning community. It is one of my favorite components of CfY. It is a great time to build, define, and model healthy relationships and conversations. My family group makes me feel young again. The family group component also provides space and a more comfortable setting for those who may have trouble sharing out to the larger group.

Fun Facts

Favorite activity/memory so far:

Dancing at Boost, the first night at Tim’s, bowling, and laser tag.

Five things you all have in common:

1. We are all humans in CfY
2. We have all made an effort to make it, we are committed to CfY.
3. Food is very important.
4. General high amount of sass.
5. Open and comfortable.

What have you learned from one another so far this year?

Vinh, a student, stated that he is learning to be more open. We have learned we can rely on each other.

Have there been any challenges that your Family Group has overcome?

1. Too positive.
2. Overcoming of our sassiness.
3. Smoky kitchens.
(We have not had any meaningful challenges as a whole)

What makes your Family Group special?

We all contribute something. We come from diverse backgrounds. We all have good smiles.