Meet the Family Group – Polina Carlson

Polina’s Family Group, Avengers Assemble!

The family group component demonstrates and builds the commitment to the CfY community. It is through the relationships that are often developed in the family group, that the community grows closer and bonds between students and mentors are fostered. Our family group really enjoys activities where we can all participate and engage. Our gatherings have ranged from playing games at a local Starbucks to making Gingerbread Houses during the holidays. We also try to vary our outings to keep it interesting and appeal to different personalities and interests within the group.

The family group is a very important component of CfY. During my time with the organization, I have seen the family group dynamic add a lot of value and strengthen the bond between students and mentors.

Fun Facts

Favorite activity/memory so far:

Successfully solving the puzzles of the Escape Room. It was fun working as a team and leveraging the strengths of each person to progress through the game.

Five things you all have in common:

  1. We’ve never been scuba diving
  2. We really enjoy playing games
  3. Red Flags is one of our favorite games
  4. We all appreciate a little healthy competition
  5. We all like to listen to music

What have you learned from one another so far this year?
We have learned how to be present and what motivates us to participate in CfY activities.

What makes your Family Group special?
We are understanding of one another, we’ve established a connection and a bond that has contributed to the positive experience of CfY, and we all have unique and diverse personalities that make the dynamic of our Family Group fun and never boring!