Meet the Family Group – Kaitlin Sytsma

Kaitlin’s (center) Family Group

Meet the Family Group! This new feature focuses on one of the most unique aspects of the CfY Program. In addition to the 1:1 student/mentor match, there are 5-7 pairs of matches in each Family Group. This week, Kaitlin, a Family Group Lead in our Emerald Learning Community, shares her views on this aspect of the program as well as fun facts about her Family Group.

“A Family Group signifies a group of mentors and students that can get to know one another on a deeper level than that of the learning community. It is a group that supports one another, is able to be in close community with one another, and able to have fun together. I feel as though without having a Family Group it could be easy for both students and mentors to get lost in the crowd. Family Group creates an automatic group of people who are committed to supporting you and encourage you. It allows both students and mentors to have a place to belong. Family Groups also allow you to get to know people that you may not have the opportunity to get to know in a larger group.”

Fun Facts

What traditions are upheld within your Family Group? What do those mean to you?

– Include Everyone
– Support one another
– Have fun
– Be Present
It is important to all be on the same page and to know what our responsibilities and expectations to one another are.

Favorite activity/memory so far:

Two favorites:
1. Snowball Fight at Zoolights at the Woodland Park Zoo- showed our groups playful and competitive side
2. Escape Room- our first family group outing-fun to see people’s personalities emerge

Five things you all have in common:

1. We all love tacos
2. We have all played or are playing a sport
3. We have all learned a foreign language
4. We have all held a job
5. We are all beautiful shiny brunettes (the best color of hair)

What have you learned from one another so far this year?

– We have to consider and include everyone
– The importance of college
– The importance of community

What makes your Family Group special?
We all have a great sense of humor and enjoy having fun and laughing together.