CfY Snapshot: Rachel and Pearl

Rachel and Pearl on Match Night, 2017

This picture was taken during Match Night – I had just found out that Pearl and I were paired up for the year. This was the moment when the program felt real and tangible, and the fact that I would spend the year getting to know this student, learning from her and growing with her, became a reality. It’s quite a realization, a pretty exciting and nerve-wracking one at that. I think this photo captures my initial nerves about this responsibility. Thankfully, the nerves quickly subsided and were replaced by excitement and plans for the year, and that excitement and enthusiasm about CfY has maintained. This picture captures the moment that Pearl and I went from strangers to entering into an agreement of mutual trust and understanding, and I love comparing that to now, where we are much more familiar. See below for a more recent photo of us, after a few months of being matched!