Meet Our Community with Chris Ewing

Chris, right, and his mentee John

Seattle is an amazingly diverse and exciting city, but it’s also easy to find a comfortable niche and miss out on a lot of what it means to live in a vibrant, dynamic urban center. CfY has put me into some challenging conversations where I find myself tongue-tied or struggling to say something as honest and thoughtful as the people around me. It has exposed me to some raw personal experiences and insightful perspectives on social justice issues. It’s also shown me that when people commit to connecting and come back week after week, friendships form and understanding grows. I think I’m the same person I was before I joined CfY, but I’ve noticed that it’s easier to find the words to discuss some of our country’s social problems and that I also feel more inspired about our future.

My favorite memory of CfY is Launch Weekend. There was an energy at Launch that is hard to describe but is so positive and contagious. People come out of their shell and tune in to the strangers around them. It put me in a good mood for days.