Meet Our Community with Sophia Siao

Sophia with her mentees

I became involved with CfY because I felt the need to contribute to something greater than just my world. I was looking for a way to give back in which I could not only give time but build a relationship with someone one-on-one.

The mentors I’ve had in my life have helped me overcome the most significant challenges I’ve faced, as well as helped propel me in both my career and life. When I found out about CFY, I thought it was the perfect way to give back through building a relationship with a student.

My experiences with CfY have taught me perspective. You start mentoring because you think you can teach students about your experiences, your challenges; what you end up receiving is lessons from your students.

My favorite memory from this year was watching both of my mentees graduate. Watching them walk across the stage and realizing how much they had grown into strong, confident women compared to the beginning of the year was amazing.