Current Match Spotlight: Stephanie and Johairah

Stephanie, left, and Johairah

Stephanie and Johairah are embarking on their second year together in the CfY program. Stephanie told us about their relationship and what she’s looking forward to this year:

“When we met the first night at camp we sat in a big circle for our icebreaker. I sat next to Johairah. We had to share our favorite lyric with each other, and she had a nice one. I couldn’t think of a lyric so picked a funny one. We laughed pretty hard when she had to recite it to the group. The rest of the weekend I felt connected to Johairah because there are a lot of similarities in our personalities. I admired how brave she was, and how open and supportive she was to everyone she was meeting. Johairah and I have a great friendship. We get along really well, and conversations feel safe and natural.

There are a lot of things I admire about Johairah. She is amazingly smart, driven, and so determined. She is an amazing friend and is extremely involved at school and in her community. I admire her ability to listen and step back when others want to step up. Johairah is also super cool, always open to trying new things, and I am lucky to be her friend. This year I am excited to continue to have good conversations, share meals together, and go on some adventures together. I always joke that she is my mentor, and hopefully, as she goes through her last couple years of high school, I can help her find good resources in the engineering world that she can use to figure out what her next step is. I can’t wait to create an even stronger friendship and make lots of memories!”