Alumni Spotlight: Ruby Tsoi

Ruby Tsoi, CfY Alumni

Ruby was involved with CfY for three years and recently graduated from Cleveland High School earlier this year. We caught up with Ruby to see how her experiences with CfY are still impacting her after graduation:

“When I was involved with CfY, I was able to befriend people of various ages such as the mentors and the other peers of my school. I felt like equals with the mentors during family groups, and it allowed me to befriend other college students (some were even parents with kids) easily. Because of these relationships, even during high school, CfY inspired me to put myself in a mentor-like role by joining Team Read. It also made me wonder if there might be more occurrences where I can inspire other people like what Odessa, my mentor, has done for me. I still keep in touch with Odessa, and even other mentors from my family groups. Even if I’m not a CfY student anymore, I still like to have them around.

If I could give any advice to current students in the program, I would say, utilize as much of your mentor as you can. Since many students are in the process of reaching adulthood, they have a resource in their mentor who could assist them in achieving the process further. I’m currently at South Seattle Community College and I’m still indecisive about my future, but I remind myself that it’s perfectly fine…”