We Are Thankful For: Traditions

Mohammed and his Family Group

A family group is an intimate gathering of people within CFY. This photo captures the fulfillment we all felt at the conclusion of our first meeting. These close groups are so important because they strengthen the circle of support between a mentor and mentee even further. They give the students and mentors an opportunity to be at ease and lean on each other for support.

On this wet and cold November night, our family group had a homemade pizza party that allowed us to warm up to each other and energized us for the year ahead. Family group gatherings are one of the many traditions within CFY which help both students and mentors develop positive relationships and strengthen our values. As a 4th-year mentor family groups have allowed me to venture into activities I never knew I would be interested in; they also give me the courage and incentive to try things I’m curious about like singing karaoke.

I know the mentors and students benefit greatly from being able to have family group nights and I’m thankful to the folks who make a space like CFY possible.