We Are Thankful For: Memories Made

Malyun, student, on the big swing

Over the next week, in celebration of this time of Thanksgiving, we’ll be sharing stories of individuals that have been impacted by CfY and because of that, by the donors that support us. Today, we are thankful for the opportunity to make lasting and meaningful Memories. Malyun, a CfY student, shares unforgettable memories that she made at Camp Colman.

“I made so many memories at Camp that it’s hard to pick just one. One that stands out was the giant swing. I love being able to challenge myself so, when I saw how high the giant swing was I kind of got terrified. The mentors and the students in my group were very uplifting and supportive. I decided to challenge myself and go on the swing because I know this opportunity only comes once. It was such a fun and scary experience, and I’m so grateful for everyone encouraging me to take on the challenge.

Some memories that I made have already become lifelong memories. I’ll always remember the relationships that I got to build with the people in my cabin and the time I got to bond with every one of them. Also the positive energy I received as soon as I got to camp.

I would like to thank you for making this experience possible. I know joining CFY has been one of the best decisions I have made, and I am forever grateful for having an amazing opportunity. So thank you again.”