Meet Our Community with Nicolette Bruer

Nicolette and her mentee, Jasmine

Matching with my student on Match Night in 2016 was an emotionally uplifting experience. The time I have spent with my student, Jasmine, has opened my eyes to the way I was at her age and has made me realize that the things that seemed to matter so much at the time, always blew over. Towards the end of our year together, it finally clicked that this is the same in my present life. Although, the now seemingly trivial problems that Jasmine and I have are much different, what I learned from my relationship with her made me realize that each roadblock I come across too shall pass.

I’ll never forget when I said goodbye to Jasmine on the last day before summer break; her mother hugged me and told me she had noticed a real difference in Jasmine. It was a touching feeling.

Nicolette and Jasmine are returning for another year of mentorship, family group and fun for 2017-2018! Thank you, Nicolette and Jasmine, for sharing your CfY story!