Andrew and his student Diego

Why did you become a mentor with CfY?

I stumbled-upon CfY while looking for organizations that helped support the youth population in Seattle. I had coached youth sports in the past and was looking to get involved in something a bit more substantial. Once I found CfY and learned more about the organization through the staff and friends who had volunteered as mentors, I knew this was something unique to be a part of. What specifically attracted me was the format in which support was provided to both mentors and students; through 1:1 interactions but also through a family-style, community support system.

How has the experience changed you?

CfY challenges your thoughts and your assumptions from the start, but in a very thoughtful and meaningful way. It’s only Year 1, but I’m a better and more informed citizen because of CfY.  I’ve broadened my perspective and appreciation of the greater Seattle community in which I’ve grown-up in. I’ve learned to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I am now much more aware of my privileges and my responsibility to use those to help others. I’ve also made several new meaningful friendships and connections.

What’s your most favorite memory of CfY?

My first Launch weekend was really fun. Three separate communities (over 120+ people) come together for an outdoor camp weekend of fun, learning, physical and mental challenges, getting to know each other, and forming the initial bonds that shape the rest of the year. Attendees challenged themselves and fellow community members to push beyond their limits, which was very inspiring. The food, however, was very forgettable!