Mentor Laurent (left) and mentee Alexis (right) are having some silly fun

by Sarah Larson

Lauren and Alexis were two completely different people. With Lauren an extrovert and Alexis an introvert, these two may never have crossed paths. But three years ago, in January of 2013, Community for Youth matched them together as mentor and mentee. From there, their relationship blossomed. In fact, Lauren and Alexis not only complimented each other, but also learned from one another. Lauren learned about perseverance and drive through her mentee and in her own words, saw Alexis become, “An entrepreneur at heart, an artist, a designer [and] a caretaker.”

Now at Eastern Washington University, Alexis dreams of becoming a midwife and opening her own practice. We know one person that will always be by her side, cheering her on and supporting her aspirations. We are so fortunate to have matches like Lauren and Alexis leading the way in our community!