janet-laura-photo_match-spotlightLaura mentee (left) and Janet mentor (right)

by Sarah Larson

It was no surprise when Laura and Janet were matched together last week. For the third year, this duo is choosing to build on the foundation they’ve worked so hard to lay. But the continuation of this relationship wasn’t always so certain, especially after Laura’s family lost their housing last year and she was forced to move two hours from Seattle.

With this move came significant challenges on Laura’s path to reaching her goals. Along with having to drop out of high school, Laura feared she would also have to leave CfY, a program that has become an essential part of who she is.  But with Janet’s commitment, including her willingness to drive two hours to Laura’s new home for their one-on-one meetings, as well as their family group’s support, Laura found ways to attend workshops and family group nights in Seattle despite the distance.

When asked about how Laura has moved through the challenges this past year, Janet shared that though there have been times where Laura’s hopes for her future have been bruised, she has always found her way back to positivity in an authentic way. Laura is always present, engaged and excited to participate in a meaningful way, making the most of her opportunities to connect with others.