For the first time, Community for Youth is keeping a list of students waiting to be matched with a mentor.  That means we need more mentors!

Each of our fantastic mentors got involved in Community for Youth to make a difference in a deserving student’s life. However, by  the end of the school year, our mentors realize that not only have they made a difference in their student’s life, but CfY has had a fundamental impact on who they are.

So what does it take to be a Community for Youth mentor? Dependability, patience, flexibility… and most of all, a relentless commitment to influencing and guiding a young person’s success. CfY mentors come from all walks of life –  single,  married, early in their careers,  retired, representative of all ethnic groups, beliefs and lifestyles. In short, they are like our students – diverse, inquisitive, open to new experiences, and willing to grow and change.

Ready to volunteer or know of anyone that would make a great mentor?  Please contact Mark Takehara at mark@communityforyouth.org for more information.