Rainier Beach High School recently unveiled its first Black Student Union Club (BSU) with the help of Community for Youth. The school requested assistance from CfY in starting up this organization.  Why CfY?  Some of the reasons given include: CfY’s recognition and credibility among the students; the popularity and trust in our program between the students, teachers, and administration;  and aslo our continued dedication to Rainier Beach High School over the years.

When the unfortunate events of Michael Brown and Eric Gardner happened in Ferguson, MO, many students at Rainier Beach High School wanted to voice their opinion. The only problem was that they did not have a school-based organization to express their opinions. In response, CfY’s own Christian Capers (pictured announcing the new BSU club at an all-student assembly) took action and collaborated with CfY staff to create Rainier Beach’s BSU. Now, the students have an organized approach to dealing with problems of racial justice within their school and community.