To Be Needed

Monica performing at Hip Hop Artist Residency By Hoang Ngo It’s good to be wanted. But it’s better to be needed. This was essentially how alumna Monica (2012-14) felt about Community for Youth (CfY). She originally joined CfY because she “wanted” to be a part of a community that was for youth and would inspire […]


By Hoang Ngo A water bottle, five Reese’s Pieces, a bag of Skittles, a pair of earbuds, a drawstring bag, and a certificate. These are the keepsakes students will take home when they complete Community for Youth’s (CfY) program this year. But the significance of completion is beyond what we can physically give our students. […]

What’s Next? – Preparing Students for the Future

From left to right: CfY Staff Members Iafay Latif, Hayley Nolan (What’s Next organizer), Sarah Larson, Wyatt Thomas, and Kendra Steiner By Hayley Nolan   Our vision at Community for Youth is to help students graduate from high school with the skills needed to be successful in life. This also includes career readiness for post-graduation. […]